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About Serenata Hotels and Resorts


January 2, 2008 - SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group was rebranded from River Kwai Floatel founded since 1978. SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group was born with a potent vision in providing innovative and distinctive hotels and resorts in Thailand. From our long established profession in hospitality business, all properties under the accountability of SERENATA Hotels and Resorts Group have been considerably growing year after year and thus, enhance various Thailand destinations to better serve travelers around the world.



locations SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group now owns 15 multiple brands of a hotel, resorts and a river cruise in legendary locations across Thailand. Our products are unique because each of our brands has its own distinctive personality and serve valued customers with quality and hearty services. This reflects our mission to create distinctive soothing gateways with memorable experience for travelers. With more than 912 rooms in total, SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group embraces the various souls of Siam (Thailand) with beaches, islands, culture, history, nature, mountain, hot spring, and shopping arcade. From these attractive senses, SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group has been welcoming more and more guests from almost every corner of the world. Their appreciation inspires SERENATA to become grow with an aim to enrich guest’s experience through our unparalleled hotel and resorts.
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SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group applies a notion of sustainable tourism in corporate mission, which includes the well being of our employees, the local communities and the environment. We offer jobs to locals and empower them to be able to work in a certain professional standard of hospitality services as well as nurture the natural surroundings. Taking into account Social Responsibility, we are environmentally friendly who cares about the locals and the environment.



The term 'Serenata' is an Italian word denoting the same meaning with 'serenade' in English. Serenata originally refers to a love song sung to a love one. SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group not only represents the romantic sensation with pleasant atmosphere, but also denotes the compound of SERENE NATURE (SERENE plus NATURE) becoming SERENATA. ??Furthermore, as Serenata is a song, each of our products represents each key note on the music lines indicating distinguish tones. Then, when all the notes are combined, they create a single powerful and beautiful song which represents SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group that obtains the full pleasant atmosphere.



SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group is an umbrella brand born to create marketing excellence for all the hospitality properties in ownership and affiliates. SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group thus provides; • A various styles of accommodations for both leisure and business guests

• Group Incentive, Meetings and Events
• Golf lovers and escorts
• Soft Adventure Activities



SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group' mission is to unite marketing activities into one integrated marketing competency done by SERENATA branding activities. SERENATA aims to create emotional connections between our partners and global customers towards SERENATA brand. SERENATA thus aims to maximize guests’ satisfaction, relationships and gain worldwide recognitions of our brands and repute Thailand as an authentic destination for travelers around the world.



Undoubtedly Thailand is the world's legend as it is one of the world’s most exotic destinations. Located in Southeast Asia and having more than 10,000,000 visitors annually and growing. Art, history, culture, food and natural resources in Thailand are speechless. With a variety of cultural and natural resources, Thailand gives you spices of life in ways that you will never forget. Let SERENATA creates exceptional journeys for you and leave the art of serenity of nature to replenish you soul.



118 Moo 9 Tambol Thasao, Amphur Saiyoke, Kanchanaburi 71150, Thailand


Reservation : 66 (2) 642 5497 (Bangkok Office), 66 81 817 5182


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